A day in the life of Thomas at 9 months

We've reached the point where Thomas almost sleeps through the night. He tends to wake between 5 and 6:30am for a feed - it was gradually getting later until he got bronchitis at the beginning of the week. Then, to stop him waking Sophie up too early, he's been coming into our bed to doze off again. If the feed's at 6:30ish, he's not ready to go back to sleep, which is fine, because I'll soon be able to stop the early morning feed altogether and just take him straight down to breakfast. It's not so cold or dark in the mornings now, so it's not so hard to get up.

the bed's getting a bit full

Thomas has all his meals with us. He has got a good appetite and enjoys feeding himself a bit too.

cereal that's not very tasty! toast

He got 4 teeth within about a week, and now the next two have just popped through, so he's started learning to brush his teeth.

brushing his teeth

The days are spent playing (often outside as it's been amazingly warm for March), going for walks and napping. On Saturdays, Thomas usually goes with Patrick and Sophie to the market, while I give an English class. He also often does the school run, although sometimes is still busy eating breakfast, or even sleeping, when Sophie has to go.

playing in the kitchen playing/eating his new tambourine out in the garden the feet don't quite reach the ground yet off to collect Sophie at school with Annabel and her Mum, Liz a walk up at Payolle

Thomas is now down to 2 naps a day, of about an hour each, then by the evening he's absolutely ready for bed by 7pm. He goes off to sleep really well in the cot with hardly a murmur, although sometimes needs a top-up in the stroller in the afternoon.
He's generally a very happy baby and only gets grumpy when he's tired (a bit like Sophie is still!)

grumpy face

He's been sitting up well for a while and is very close to crawling. He launches himself onto his front then gets stuck as he can't work out how to get his legs under him.

he loves standing up

Sophie and Thomas have dinner around 5pm, and we often join them then, as it just makes life easier. Then after dinner and a bit of playing, it's time for a bath, a couple of stories in Sophie's room, and off to bed. Thomas still loves having Sophie come in to his room to sing him a bed-time song - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Frère Jacques.

a favourite lift-the-flap book