A day in the life of Thomas at 6 months

Thomas has actually got slightly worse at night than he was early on. He went through a bad patch around 4 months, when he started waking for two feeds a night. I think my milk supply was a bit reduced as I had a cold at the time, and it seemed a good time to introduce solids. He's been back to one night feed for a while now, and I've gradually been pushing this later, so it's usually around 4-5am now, although he may also wake up earlier and need a brief cuddle before going back to sleep. Then he usually sleeps till after 7 in his cot, but occasionally (as this morning) wakes earlier and comes in to our bed for an extra nap - otherwise he wakes Sophie up and that leaves us with two tired, grumpy children!

just waking up

We've got quite a settled daytime routine now. Thomas has 6 feeds a day, three of these being accompanied by solids - the first is breakfast between 7:30 and 8 o'clock. So far this is always rice cereal with maybe apple or pear added. It's nice being able to all have breakfast at the same time.

yum pancakes today playing while we finish our breakfast and again

He still usually has a sleep between each feed, except in the evening. Mostly the sleeps are only half an hour long, although the midday one can be up to 2 hours (only if it's in the stroller). He generally sleeps in the stroller (as he tends to fall asleep on the way home from school), but also in his cot during the day.
During the week Thomas still loves taking Sophie to school and picking her up. He's not been coming so often on the first journey as it's been pretty cold and/or wet some mornings. He always gets a warm welcome from the classroom assistants, which he loves, and which leaves me free to sort Sophie out.
Now Sophie's on her Christmas break though, and today was so gorgeous we decided to go up our local hill for a walk to visit the Fairy Fountain and Cave. I'm not sure that Thomas was quite as impressed as Sophie was, but he enjoyed the bits he was awake for.

setting off on our walk fast asleep sign to the Fontaine des Fées above the Grotte des Fées running snug in the stroller

Then we came home for lunch, first Thomas, then us.

avocado and potato today chatting during our lunch

There is lots of time for playing during the day. Thomas is happy for the first hour or so after a nap and likes playing on his sheepskin or in his chair. Sophie's good at helping to keep him occupied. Once Thomas starts getting sleepy, he's a bit more grumpy and needs picking up a bit. He loves spending time in his bouncer, but generally only has a short session a day, as it tires him out very quickly.
He's getting quite good at rolling, but can't sit up on his own yet - although he sits forward in his bouncy chair and seems quite balanced.

lots of toys playing while I cook Sophie's come to help bouncing, both dancing, and falling over one week till Christmas

Thomas has dinner before us, then keeps us company during our meal. Then there may be a bit of time for quiet play, stories or sitting in front of the fire before bedtime. Sophie and Thomas got back into sharing a bath, but now Sophie prefers showers to baths (possibly after being too splashed by Thomas). He usually still likes the bath, but this depends on how tired he is.
We then have stories in Sophie's room before they both go off to bed. Thomas is great in the evenings, going into the cot awake and just chatting to himself for a few minutes before dropping off to sleep.

it's not really that cold indoors eating the octopus telling stories dog wrestling