A day in the life of Thomas at 3 months

From early on, Thomas got into a habit of only waking once a night, which can be any time between 2am and 5:30am. Sometimes he even makes it all the way through to 6:30am. At least when he wakes, he just feeds and falls asleep again, so I'm only up for half an hour. Then he usually wakes in the morning between 7 and half past.

I've also been using the nighttime feed to 'collect' milk to donate to premature babies.

just waking up not my best time of day ... ... or Patrick's he's shrunk!

There isn't exactly a standard day with a 3-month-old baby, but there is a general pattern. Thomas sometimes has breakfast upstairs, but often around our breakfast. Most of our meals he spends in his chair chatting to us.
He generally gets dressed downstairs after breakfast.

Sophie's very keen to help

Thomas feeds six or seven times a day and virtually always has a nap between each daytime feed, the midday one tending to be the longest. He's a bit easier to get to sleep in the daytime than Sophie was. He likes the sling, pouch and stroller as she did, but also sleeps in his bouncy chair.

a great photo by Sophie dozing in the kitchen

Thomas enjoys playing with his toy frame that Sophie helped me make. He's a bit of a chatterbox and is generally a very happy little boy. His three-month birthday pictures aren't exactly typical, as Granny and Grandad were staying, so we went up to the Hourquette d'Ancizan. Then again, we do try to get out into the mountains regularly at weekends, because even Thomas clearly gets something out of it.

On schooldays, Thomas usually accompanies us both to take Sophie and pick her up. He tries hard to stay awake to say hello to everyone before falling asleep on the way back home. We have a quiet morning, getting things done around the house and playing a bit, then play some more with Sophie in the afternoon.

, it was a bit cold up there

For a while, Thomas and Sophie were having a bath and stories together, but Sophie's given up her afternoon sleep again, so goes to bed before Thomas. This means he's back in his baby bath again. He really enjoyed his lullabies from Sophie, but has to make do with just mine again now. He really loves having a bath though.

Sophie's more interesting than the book Twinkle, twinkle ...,