Sophie's 4th Birthday

Unfortunately, Patrick was still on his way home from Korea on Sophie's birthday, not getting in to Tarbes airport until way past her bedtime. But we had Hiltrud and Anna with us to share in all the fun, and to help out with the Grand Ball.
The day began with Thomas giving Sophie his present to her (a Disney Princess colouring book) up in her bedroom. He seemed pretty proud of himself and she was very happy to receive it.

Once downstairs, Sophie opened her presents from me and Patrick, which were a CD and camera. She seemed quite overwhelmed to get the CD (by Ilona, a young French girl - very boppy songs). We then had pancakes for breakfast (care of Auntie Anna) before Sophie settled down to opening all the rest. She was very happy with all her presents.

opening the CD an Aurora card how to eat a whole pancake in one mouthful a flower fairy book from Nanna and Grandad beautiful clothes from Granny and Grandad sticker-making kit from Auntie Anna lovely turquoise top from Auntie Carol and Uncle Roger activity book from Emma and PJ

The morning was spent preparing for the Ball. The crown-shaped birthday cake wasn't a complete surprise for Sophie as she ended up helping me decorate it. I think she was happier that way, though, as it meant she could lick out the bowl and eat a few smarties.

putting on the smartie jewels Anna and Thomas Grandma when are they going to arrive? Sophie the mime artist

The Ball itself was lots of fun. Six of Sophie's friends came (five from school and Sofia). They were all dressed up as princesses except little Sarah, who apparently doesn't like dressing up much. The girls (and Sarah's brother) all seemed to enjoy themselves, colouring in princess pictures, playing pass-the-parcel, musical cushions and hunt-the-glass-slipper. The food all disappeared quickly too, especially the cherry tomatoes, strawberries and very chocolaty cake.

Cinderella and Aurora dancing Thomas was well-looked after by the other mums parss-the-parcel musical cushions time to eat would you like a drink? 'Happy birthday dear Sophie' make a wish