Sophie's 3rd birthday - April 2005

Sophie had a wonderful 3rd birthday. It helped that, after a week of rain, it was a warm, sunny day. We started off with our presents - a tiara (to replace her very tatty crown which she'd worn almost constantly since receiving it from a January King's Cake) and bicycle. This was followed by croissants for breakfast, ...

...and then we spent the morning opening presents - this took quite a long time!

a princess CD-rom a pretty top a funny book Sophie and Dolly's matching dresses from Nanna Barbie! opening up her dolls' house

Afterwards, Sophie and Patrick went to the market, while I made her birthday cake.

a princess castle cake

Then in the afternoon, Sophie had a few schoolfriends over for a party, which we could luckily have in the garden.They all seemed to have a great time, playing music, trying out the various bikes/trikes, taking turns on the swing, doing drawings, etc. It was also nice for us getting to spend a bit of time with the other mums. They had all planned to just drop their children off, but luckily decided to stay (or rather, the children wouldn't let them leave!).
The hardest part was trying to explain to the kids how to play 'pass the parcel' and 'musical chairs', but they soon picked them up.
Sophie really loved having her friends over, and I think they were especially pleased when she said the odd French word - like 'merci' and 'au revoir'. Hopefully, this will lead to her seeing more of her friends outside school.

Here are some more photos, of Sophie enjoying her new presents.

pretty clothes from Aunty Anna and Greg the new bike dolls' house from Gran and Grandpa

already a need for the sunsuit