1999 Cannondale MT 2000 Tandem

Good value for money, but its a Cannondale, dont believe "made in USA" hype! QA was poor with un-tapped mudguard mounts and eccentric seized. Forks had zero travel due to spring binding. Fortuantely not too many CODA (****) components to remove. Needed to replace:

Front Magura hydro rim brake replaced with Hope M4 brakes (though we have the older 2-piece model). Wheel rebuilt on 40h Hope Big-Un hub. Both brake and hub are excellent performers, though we want to replace the fork and use a bolt-through axle for security. The Cannondale fork is pretty poor design, the dropouts are at totally the wrong angle and the disc mount want properly faced. Looking for some Marzocchi Dirt-Jumpers. Hope disk brake is much more effective than the Magura rim brakes.