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Tourmalet, Hautacam

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Mountainbiking from Sarracolin

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Mountainbiking from Bagneres de Bigorre

There are 23 signed MTB routes from Bagneres de Bigorre giving a total of 373km of off-road riding. Here is a short selection (what we've ridden so far - and taken the camera with us!).

Bagneres de Bigorre is at 548m, most of the rides go up!

Le Bédat (862m) and Mt. Olivet (792m)

This is our local spot, 500m to the end of the road and then up on to the dirt tracks, stopping to fill your water bottle at the Saint Blaise fountain. Plenty of fun single track. Good for 30 mins or a couple of hours.

View from the back of the house; Le Monné in the background and Le Bédat closer with the trees. View of Mt. Olivet from the front of the house

Route No.7 - Le Col du Lheris

distance: 22km, climbing: 740m, time: (approx 3 hours), difficulty: black

view from Col des Palomieres
View from the Col des Palomieres, 810m (end of the road bit) looking up to where where you're headed.

Junction with route 6
Junction with route 6, 963m, about half-way up the off-raod climb, it gets steeper and more technical from here.

Nearing the top, view across to the route down
Nearing the top of the climb (approx 1280m), view across to the route down

At the top with Casque du Lheris in background
At the top of the climb (1300m), with Casque du Lheris in background to the left

Even managed to take a pic of myself
I got here too (not just the bike!)

Cows and horses are up here for the summer pastures
Waiting for the cows to pass before heading down, route up is on the right of the gully

Looking back to where I've just come from
Looking back to the track up and the Casque du Lheris. Photo taken from Pla d'Espet

view back along the trail
View back up the trail from near Courtaou du Teilhet

View across to the Pic du Midi du Bigorre
View looking north-west ish, just before descending into the trees and switchbacks to Aste

View across to the Pic du Midi du Bigorre

North-shore style descent back down to Aste
North-shore style descent back down to Aste

local wildlife
local wildlife

Route No.12 - Le Serre Darre

distance: 15km, climbing: 320m, time: (approx 1 hour), difficulty: blue

view south from top of route 12
Actually I got a little lost so this view isnt form route 12!