Hitrud, George and Anna's visit, September 2004

Hiltrud, George and Anna ("Aunty Nanna") came out on 20th September, although Anna didn't stay long enough to get into any of the photos - only a couple of nights, but still long enough to make a big impression on Sophie.

We got out on a few walks and sightseeing trips with Hiltrud and George, the first being as soon as the weather cleared up, up to the Col d'Aspen and Lake Payolle. It's such a beautiful place that all the cows hang out up there and Sophie was even brave enough to touch one on the nose.

Col d'Aspen towards the Pic du Midi friendly cow

We had a nice walk around the lake at Payolle.

watching a flower coming down the stream

We also went for a couple of walks up the Vallon du Salut, a kilometre walk along a narrow valley with a stream running down the middle. It leads to the old thermal baths which are now the marble museum.

holding hands sticks in the water outside the marble museum autumn leaves

On the second of the walks, once George had gone back to England, we carried on up at the end of the valley, to the Allees Dramatiques, which give a stunning view back down to Bagneres.

sorting out the backpack on the way up up the top Bagneres

Before Hiltrud left, we also had a brief visit from Lucy and Rice, who took time out from their honeymoon in Paris to get the TGV down and spend a night with us. Patrick's known Lucy since about age zero, when they used to be neighbours. We celebrated seeing them with a rather nice blueberry pie (it would have been an apple one if the baker hadn't dropped it as he took it out of the cabinet). Then in the morning we all walked up to the top of Bedat.

yum the table d'orientation