St Bertrand de Comminges, May 2005

Patrick recently went on a road ride with a local cycling club, heading out to St Bertrand de Comminges. The ride lasted about 5 hours, but he came back saying how beautiful the village was, so Sophie and I decided to have a trip across there. We also invited our friends, Kasia and Anne.
St Bertrand is about an hour's drive from here, along some lovely winding roads. It's a very small, walled village, set on top of a hillside and dominated by its cathedral.

We had a great day out there, starting off at a lookout point, before heading through the archway, into the village and up to the main cathedral square (where we unfortunately didn't take any photos).

Anne, Kasia and Sophie Dolly, Sophie and me gateway to the village sophie and Dolly take a break on the way up the hill

The first stop was the bar, for hot chocolates/milk which was followed by a wander round the cathedral and its gardens and cloisters. It was all very interesting, but hard to take in all the information, when Sophie and Dolly were more interested in playing hide and seek.

waiting for the warm milk in the cathedral gardens looking for a hiding place in the cloisters

By the time we'd been all round the cathedral, it was lunchtime, so we tried out a creperie that Patrick had mentioned seeing. Then we walked around the village for a bit, finding a nice park to sit in, enjoy the wisteria and have ice creams for pudding in.

crepes for lunch looking at the wisteria with Kasia a view of the cathedral