Camping at Estaing, May 2005

We've had a lot of good weather lately, but have been unable to really make the most of it as we've had so much to get done. So we promised ourselves that we'd go on an overnight camping trip as soon as we'd finished decorating Sophie's room - the only room that was really essential to do before the baby arrived.
Being 8-months pregnant, I didn't want to travel too far, and anyway, there are so many places we haven't visited locally, that we decided to stay somewhere near Argeles-Gazost, a town almost due west of us in the next main valley. It only took an hour to get there.
We found a lovely campsite in the hamlet of Estaing, which is down a narrow valley on a road leading only to the Lac d'Estaing. The scenery was stunning and the place was so peaceful. Also, it was an excellent campsite, run by very friendly people and, the best bit, not just a children's size toilet, but shower and basin too. Sophie loved that - and insisted on having a shower.

relaxing at the campsite eating icecreams you can get some idea of the surroundings

We didn't really do very much, but it was great to get away and relax. We spent the afternoon hanging aroung the campsite, eating icecreams, reading, etc, then drove up to the lake for a short walk. Being at Sophie's pace, we really didn't go very far at all, but we did see some lovely wild flowers and clambered up to a waterfall.

admiring some purple flowers pausing for a rest looking down from above the waterfall

Then I drove Sophie back to camp while Patrick went for a bit of a ride, and we all passed a very pleasant evening back at the campsite. Sophie slept very well despite all the excitement of going camping - exhausted after all the time outside. I have to admit it wasn't the most comfortable night I've ever had, but I'm really glad we went, because I can't see us doing any other camping for a few months at least.

In the morning, Patrick went for a longer ride, following part of one of the signposted tracks going up the side of the valley. Meanwhile, Sophie and I (and Barbie) went for a walk up the road from the campsite and found a track alongside the river.

on our walk by the stream

After that, we packed up and drove across to the next valley, the Val d'Azun. We wandered around the village of Arrens, stopping to have lunch there before heading back home.