Visitors, July 2004

We had a busy July, with first Mum and Mike coming to stay at a local campsite, and then Sarah and Dave camping out in our spare room for a week.
Mum and Mike stayed in a lovely campsite just a couple of kms away, so it was very easy to cycle across to. Sophie's favourite bit of the campsite was the trampoline.

dinner outside the caravan keeping safe bouncy look at her hair!

One afternoon, we all rode over to Aste, the next village up the valley, for its Carrot Festival. It has to be said that it wasn't quite as exciting as we'd expected and we didn't see any real carrots. Mike had a go in the carrot-throwing competition and won a lolly for Sophie, but we decided not to stay for the rabbit race.

Mum, Mike, Sophie and I left Patrick at home working one day to go on a trip to Lourdes, which is about 20 minutes away. It was very interesting to visit - amazingly busy - but definitely not a place you'd want to live.

walking down from the castle outside the cathedral the cave where St Bernadette is supposed to have seen the visions lunchtime Sophie eating her last mouthful of omelette

We went out for a daytrip with Sarah and Dave as well, this time to Tarbes (20 minutes north). It was the first time I'd really spent much time there, and we found a nice park to wander around, with some beautiful peacocks.

the cloisters peacocks