A Visit to Argeles-Gazost

Sophie and I decided it was time to go out on an excursion, so we left Patrick at home working (poor him!), and drove across to Argeles-Gazost to visit the Parc Animalier des Pyrenees. Sophie had just received a toy marmot from her Auntie Sarah and Uncle Dave and he's become her absolute favourite toy of the moment, even replacing Dolly on some outings (both came today). So it seemed a good time for us (all) to meet some real live marmots.
The park was very good - the animals all had plenty of room to wander round in and they were all animals found in the Pyrenees.
Sophie seemed to have a really good time, although she was a bit scared of any animal that wasn't safely behind a wall or fence. This meant that she was afraid of the deer and the rabbits, but not the wolves or bears. The marmots were fine until we were allowed in to feed them - I fed them, Sophie climbed into my lap.

first marmot enclosure, pre-feeding timesecond marmot enclosure getting braver

a friendly deer Sophie's safe in the stroller

we saw the otters from below and then above

an izard, the symbol of the Pyrenees scary rabbit spot the baby chick

the bears were enjoying their swimming pool wolf

After the park, it was still quite early, so we thought we'd have a look round Argeles-Gazost. It's a very pretty town, with mountains all around.

Argeles street square and view view the other way cool new sunnies