Trip to England, June 2006

Our first trip to England as a family of four took place on the 7th-27th of June. Despite having almost three weeks there, it was, predictably, hectic. We managed to catch up with quite a few people, but unfortunately weren't able to see everyone we'd have liked to.
The trip started off with a few days in Berkhamsted, staying with Patrick and Frances. The weather, as with most of the holiday, was glorious, so there was lots of time spent out in the garden and at the local playground.

Pat and Frances' garden at the playground swinging with Cara

We also had a nice day at Grandma and Grandpa George's, playing in the garden.

funny face sleepy boy

We then travelled over to Suffolk for Sophie, Thomas and I to spend the week with Mum and Mike at their new home. Patrick was only there for the weekends, spending the week in-between doing a bicycle welding course - and building himself a new frame by the end of the week.

nice frame

We stopped en-route to visit our friends, Helen and John and their two little girls, Katie and Eleanor. It was lovely to catch up again, and the kids all had fun playing together.

Katie and Sophie catching bubbles

Thomas' first birthday fell during the stay with Mum and Mike and he got to open Aunty Sarah and Uncle Dave's present (a Thomas the Tank Engine paddling pool) early, so as to make the most of the hot weather.

As well as just enjoying hanging out in the garden and visiting the local villages, we had a couple of days out, to the beach at Frinton and to Framlingham Castle. It was also lovely to see our friends, Sam and Claudia, and to meet their daughter, Eleanor, for the first time.

Sam, Eleanor, Thomas Thomas, Eleanor, Claudia

spot Sophie

Then, on the last day with Mum and Mike, it was Thomas' birthday (and Father's Day). Naturally, Thomas got completely spoilt, but Sophie also enjoyed playing with his new toys.

'Percy' book from Sophie a Father's Day card from Sophie the birthday cake an afternoon stroll round Polstead

After a brief stop at Dad and Martha's on the way, we headed back to Berkhamsted, where we were based for the rest of the stay. Although we stayed with Pat and Frances, we also saw a lot of Hiltrud, George and Anna, and Jo, Andrea and their family. The kids were really excited to meet their cousins, Cameron, Cara and Scott, and all got on very well together.

funny boy! relaxing with Auntie Anna Thomas' favourite toy all holiday was stones Snowflake fairy with hand-made crown

Cameron, Thomas and Patrick Sophie and Cara Scott and Thomas all the kids

Over the final weekend, we spent time with Dad and Martha, going out for a pub lunch and visiting the Mosquito Aircraft Museum. Thomas really enjoyed playing in the aircraft, although Sophie was a little more reticent. Sarah and Dave came down too on the Saturday and then on the Sunday, Tyler and Katie joined us. We hadn't seen Tyler for absolutely years, and it was really nice to get to meet Katie as well.

buddling pilot

After that, we just had one more day before travelling back home. It was a really great trip, lots of fun, very busy, but at the same time quite relaxing. The only problems we had were not being able to fit in as much as we'd have liked to and being woken up unreasonably early in the mornings by Thomas, who found it difficult to adjust to the early sunrise. Hopefully he'll be better next time!