Easter 2006

Unfortunately Patrick was in Korea for Easter this year, but that didn't stop the rest of us having lots of fun and lots of chocolate.
I wasn't sure if the Easter Bunny would make it, but fortunately it did (quite hurriedly), because, as soon as she got up, Sophie wanted to go out on the balcony to check if there were any eggs in the garden.

Happy Easter everyone!

We spent most of the day at our friends Dom, Liz and Sofia's house, along with other friends, Liz, Harry and Annabel. The three little girls had a wonderful time, picking flowers, hunting for eggs and playing in all the dirt.

Sofia and Sophie Sofia looking for flowers Annabel learning to skip

Thomas, meanwhile, spent most of the time trying to make his way to the edge of the picnic blanket so that he could eat stones.

made it!

The egg hunt was fun, with the girls running all over the place. The eggs didn't need to be very well hidden and Harry was a good Easter Bunny, hiding all the eggs several times over. The eggs in the hunt were decorated plastic ones, with each child getting a prize afterwards.

' behind you! even Thomas found an egg finished Pooh eggcup for Thomas and Princess mug for Sophie

Then lunch was a barbecue out under the trees, with beautiful views across the valley to the mountains. What a way to spend Easter!

Sophie and Harry