Carnival Time!

The 30th March was the day of the carnival in Bagnères. All the children from the maternelles (nursery schools) and junior schools dress up as whatever they like and parade round the streets, ending up in one of the squares for music and dancing. Then, afterwards, they all troop off to see the burning of Monsieur Carnaval - the symbolic burning of the effigy of winter, to welcome in the spring.
Sophie had a wonderful time and loved dressing up in the princess dress that her Nanna and Grandad had sent her. All her best friends were also dressed as princesses. They had a great afternoon, but all looked pretty exhausted at the end of it, especially as it was such a hot afternoon (I felt a bit sorry for the poor fluffy dalmatian!).

dancing with Livia with Hanâ dancing with Alyssa time for a snack the watchers spot the Sophie and the Claire