August 2005

Here are a few photos from Dad and Martha's visit.

Sophie's new computer this is a yawn not a cry

We all went up to Lake Payolle for a walk and picnic one day, with our friend Kasia - well, Patrick and Steve met us up there, having cycled the long way.

a blustery picnic lunch

Sophie's getting very interested in gardening, not only doing the watering, but also planting things, digging, weeding, and picking the strawberries.

One Sunday, we drove up to the starting point for the walk up to Lac de Peyresade, on the south side of the Lesponne valley, with good views of the Pic du Midi. We messed around by the stream for a bit, then decided to do part of the walk. It was very steep, but Sophie kept wanting to go up and up. But then it was a bit more tricky getting her back down, especially with Thomas in the pouch. It was great to get up into the mountains though, and I enjoyed an interesting ride back down, while Patrick drove the children home.

interesting outfit!

And to finish, a nice pic of Daddy and Thomas having a chat.